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Past & Current Clients

Past Performances

PMG USA has performed over 1.4M COVID tests across the United States in 15 different states.

PMG is currently delivering testing services on several projects. Of most significance is our work in the USA where weʻve been supporting several large private corporations and local government agencies with a large COVID-19 testing capability and workforce, to manage COVID-19 testing across several high-profile requirements. As more localities and organizations look towards reopening public services and strengthening State economyʻs, PMG has continued to develop our services and to stay at the forefront of testing solutions and technology, including rapid antigen testing, to be able to provide an extremely high level of capability to all Clients. Our approach to testing is based on a methodology of accuracy, efficiency, and responsiveness, with a complementary approach towards providing test results quickly and with a focus on ensuiring that testing information is electronically protected to the extent required by our clients.
Provide return to work for Disney Films. We have executed and continue to provide daily RT-PCR COVID testing services in Los Angeles, CA., and Atlanta, GA. Locations require flexibility.
Concierge on-call program testing is currently being conducted in CA, GA, and HI and throughout the United States.
Our personnel is well attuned to dealing with high profile persons utilizing discretion.
Provide CBS Viacom on-demand testing all over North America. Testing requests come on short notice and range from several tests to over 100. This requires PMG to be very agile, deploy rapidly and facilitate testing in unique environments on short notice.
Conducted over 40% of all testing for the state of Hawaiʻi.
Provide all Return to Tourism/Travel testing at the Kona and Hilo International Airports on the Big Island of Hawaii in collaboration with Hawaii County, Civil Defense, Department of Health, and Salesforce. Return to travel programs include providing services for free to the traveling public as a donation of services to assist Hawaii County to bridge gaps in funding due to the end of the Cares Act Funding cycle.
Assisted with the Hawai’i returns to tourism Safe Travels program.
Provided high volume pop-op COVID testing in Hawaiʻi, administering approximately 4,000 tests per day and servicing 2,000-3,000 drive-thru vehicles.
Provide COVID-19 testing services to Native Hawaiians and multiple Pacific Island communities, including Marshallese, which has allowed PMG to develop and maintain a core ethos of service delivery based on each diverse groupʻs cultural sensitivities.
Developed a comprehensive vaccination program within the State of Hawaiʻi and worked closely with the Hawaiʻi Department of Health (HDOH) and local stakeholders to use existing COVID-19 response assets (testing and associated health services) to support the implementation of the state vaccination plan. This has included developing static and mobile vaccination clinic options, in conjunction with the necessary training standards and administration requirements to maintain compliance within the National Incident Management System (NIMS) and the National Response Framework (NRF).
Testing all inbound trans-pacific travelers at Kona International and Hilo Airports in cooperation with the County of Hawaii. All Rapid antigen with follow up PCR. Ongoing since October of 2020.
Executed vaccination services to Samoa in November 2019, as part of the State of Hawaiʻi’s response to the measles crisis. We coordinated, trained, and deployed a medical mission of 75 doctors and nurses for two days at the beginning of December 2019 to assist with the mass vaccination campaign required to combat the outbreak. We led the staffing response and planning efforts for the overall program and managed to have 50,000 patients vaccinated in three days. By the end of December 2019, 94% of the Samoan population was vaccinated.
Delivered and continue to provide interdisciplinary healthcare services throughout the state of Hawaiʻi and have served the Pacific Islander population since 1990.
Provide back to work surveillance and outbreak testing for the 4-Seasons Hualalai Kona, HI for staff.
Provided and continues to provide walk-up and walkthrough testing with high throughputs at all Southeastern Conference (SEC) schools for the return to Sports. Testing designed by Dr. Miscovich. 14k tests per week across 14 schools with 20 sports teams with scheduling and roster changes that are dynamic and designed by Scott J. Miscovich MD, President and CEO of PMG.
Provide walk-up RT-PCR and antigen with high throughputs for student-athletes in the Southeastern Conference (SEC). Less than 24 hour PCR testing turnaround--even during Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years.
Over 14,000 tests are completed each week across these 14 schools in 11 states. Testing includes surveillance and on call, responsive to individual team needs, including tournament, symptomatic and day of play capabilities. Testing services are to: The University of Florida, University of Georgia, University of Kentucky, University of Missouri, University of South Carolina, University of Tennessee, Vanderbilt University, University of Alabama, University of Arkansas, Auburn University, Louisiana State University, University of Mississippi, Mississippi State University, and Texas A&M University.
Coordination and testing services via mail and telehealth to officials in the SEC conference. Officials testing program includes management, logistics, medical advisory, and individual medical telehealth visits.
Serve as the medical advisor and strategic testing advisor for the SEC.
Executed high volume student testing for return to college at Vanderbilt, University of Mississippi, University of Hawaii, Hawaii Pacific. In addition, K-12 school testing at Hawaii Periptery Academy, LeGardin Academy, Kamehameha Schools.
Built in lab resiliency and accuracy, while preventing Single Point of Failure (SPoF), across seven commercial medical laboratory network agreement.
Provide strike teams to Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNF), Coffee Plantations, and communities where DOH identifies COVID-19 outbreaks. Within hours, the PMG team rapidly deploys to develop isolation, quarantine, and testing regimens to protect the vulnerable population. To date, all SNF sites that PMG has responded to have had zero loss of life in the facilities where we have been deployed.
Involved in the planning and delivery of COVID-19 testing services to the Navajo Nation (a Native American indigenous tribe located in parts of Utah, Arizona, and New Mexico) as part of a previous inter-agency emergency medical response program. Provided strategic planning for and consultation for the team currently working on site.
PMGʻs system is easily replicated and has been deployed as static and mobile clinics for COVID-19 testing and vaccination services across the U.S. These mobile COVID-19 response service delivery clinics are self-contained and equipped to deal with varying environmental, cultural, and infrastructure requirements.
Provide strike teams to Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNF), Coffee Plantations, and communities where DOH identifies COVID-19 outbreaks. Within hours, the PMG team rapidly deploys to develop isolation, quarantine, and testing regimens to protect the vulnerable population. To date, all SNF sites that PMG has responded to have had zero loss of life in the facilities where we have been deployed.
Our team leaders provided project management in COVID projects in New York City at Mt. Sinai at the height of the COVID outbreak and 14 stated across the nation, including California, Washington DC, and Hawaii.
Provide vaccinations for adults at PMG clinics since 1993.
Participate in the Vaccines For Children (VFC) program since 1993 and have since vaccinated well over 500,000 children.
Primary testing provider of testing for antigen testing platform responding in New York for surveillance testing programs and as requested nationally.
Overall performance of PMG. Agile testing options respond with short notice, from 2-12 hours, to perform testing at the clientʻs request. Our teamʻs work includes strike teams deployed in rural underserved areas, urban mass testing sites, and individual home visits. PMGʻs motto is "Care Without Boundaries"; we work where and when we are needed. Since March 2020, we deploy with a can-do attitude always at local community leadership guidance. At Premier, we consider COVID-19 testing as a medical event. Each test performed is an opportunity for our team to interact with an individual and provide a unique experience where the individual is respected and empowered to work together to decrease the incidence of COVID-19.
Relationship with Partners; apply "Black Box Thinking" tenets to make sense of the environment to develop, nurture, and sustain the following values: Trust, Transparency, Teamwork, Compliance, Question, Collaborate, Discover and Solve.
Quality improvement and utilization of checklist and standard site layout, testing protocols IAW CDC guidelines and contact tracing across the 14 university locations.
Worked/working with the Department of Health in Atlanta on the return to work for Disney Films. We have executed and continue to provide daily COVID testing services at Pinewood Studio, GA, for 1,500+ film/production and administrative employees throughout the suburban Metro Atlanta region.