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Currently with 3 locations in Hawaii, Premier Medical Group USA has expanded its operations nation-wide in an effort to provide emergency medical response services to businesses and government agencies to help them effectively address critical medical situations such as reducing the spread of COVID-19.

Physical Capacity

PMG employs more than 700 dedicated, experienced, and highly trained professionals giving us the capacity and capability to operate as a global COVID-19 testing service provider. We have a strong logistics chain and supplier network in COVID-19 testing equipment and laboratories, consumables, and support services, such as waste and facilities management services and healthcare recruitment. As such, this allows us to be agile and ready for deployment expeditiously and without hesitation.

Staffing Capacity

In addition to our physical capacity to deliver COVID-19 testing services globally, we have access to a large pool of pre-credentialed medical staff across a range of disciplines, including doctors, nurses, paramedics, and allied health professionals. This pool draws from a wide variety of geographical locations and ensures we can respond at short notice to provide COVID-19 testing solutions to clients worldwide.

Operational Capacity

PMG has a unique operational philosophy in delivering healthcare projects around the world. We work with our clients to design an appropriate clinical solution to meet their needs. We then raise and recruit the workforce and ensure they are appropriately licensed, qualified, experienced, and suitable for the project requirements. PMG then trains and deploys our staff and supporting infrastructure into the project location/s through our logistical networks. Once mobilized and the project has commenced, we provide a comprehensive project management capability to ensure the sustainability of the testing, vaccination, or emergency medical solution. Sustaining the capability includes managing staff and staff rotations, ensuring testing supplies and facilities are maintained, ongoing training and upskilling of project staff as required, and being responsive to project scope changes.


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We employ more than 700 dedicated, experienced, and highly trained professionals. This footprint demonstrates our physical capacity and capability to operate as a global COVID-19 testing services provider, whilst still providing a welcoming and personal approach to our services.